New HxGN Smart Build™ Insight delivers groundbreaking project visibility to the Buildings industry

16 November 2021

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Hexagon’s PPM division today announced the availability of HxGN Smart Build Insight, Hexagon’s new version of its innovative solution for architecture, engineering, construction and operation stakeholders looking to optimize building design and construction by connecting the office and the field throughout the entire process.

HxGN Smart Build Insight is the cornerstone of Hexagon’s continued reach into the rapidly expanding AEC market. Hexagon’s innovative Smart Build Insight solution leverages Hexagon’s longtime leadership in multi-industry project planning and control. It streamlines building construction management to optimize construction planning and execution. By intelligently linking model and schedule information in a simple-to-use, cloud and mobile solution, Smart Build Insight delivers real-time insight into construction tasks and project performance that drives predictable outcomes to keep projects on schedule and on budget.
Smart Build Insight intelligently combines 3D and 4D Building Information Modelling (BIM) functionality in a single cloud-based environment, delivering a high-performance, secure and reliable solution.
The Smart Build Insight solution differs from competitors’ offerings thanks to its ease of use and ability to move beyond basic data visualization and provide real project planning insight. Clients can apply Hexagon’s Smart Mapping methods to understand and visualize the linkage between the 3D model elements and the project schedule. This helps highlight potential schedule conflicts and avoid delays throughout the project. Smart Build Insight also enables clients to quickly generate accurate quantity take-offs for material planning and estimating purposes.

Digitalization of construction tasks with Smart Build Insight connects office personnel and trade crews in the field for ultimate visibility into project status, giving stakeholders the ability to drill into details, enabling root cause analysis and faster course corrections. With the Smart Build Insight mobile application, field crews are connected with all the information for effectively executing their work assignments. Progress in the field can be easily captured directly from the job site based on each person’s assigned work packages and steps, which are linked to the model and schedule elements. This provides near real-time, accurate reporting and progress monitoring.
The interconnected data environment gives earlier project insight and enables timely task allocation and schedule updates, meaning a company can make informed project decisions before they become a problem. Smart Build Insight also provides innovative capabilities for model-based issue creation and management, so clients can quickly identify and resolve issues, increasing the quality of their output.

Smart Build Insight is part of Hexagon’s Buildings Ecosystem. Hexagon’s building technology leverages the most dynamic and powerful use of data available for the Buildings Ecosystem. Our unique mix of sensor hardware and buildings-specific software connects all stakeholders to the right data in the right place at the right time, bringing speed, automation, sustainability and profitability to any built environment.

With Hexagon’s Building solutions, challenge the status quo and capture, connect and leverage data throughout the entire building lifecycle with better performance, lower environmental impact and lower costs.

Mattias Stenberg, President, Hexagon’s PPM division, said, “Hexagon is in a unique position to transform the construction industry. I’m excited to see what we can achieve with Smart Build Insight. Hexagon continues to validate our position in the buildings segment by providing market-leading solutions that optimize workflows and connect office and field operations over the buildings lifecycle – from design and engineering to construction and maintenance.”

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