Leica Geosystems and Huddig collaborate to launch a new 3D machine control solution for their backhoe loaders

6 July 2021

(Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 6 July, 2021) Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, today announced a new collaboration with Huddig AB, a Swedish manufacturer of backhoes, to offer 3D machine control solution for Huddig backhoe loaders.

For over 60 years, Huddig has supplied versatile and agile backhoes specialised for city, cable, and rail projects, performing the same job as three other machines with only one operator. Huddig backhoe loaders can replace larger traditional machines on a heavy construction site and are built for the harsh Scandinavian climate.


"We are pleased about this cooperation between Leica Geosystems and Huddig. With the introduction of our new hybrid backhoe, Tigon, we emphasise our ambition to lower the environmental footprint for the heavy construction industry," says explains Daniel Myrgren, Market & Sales Manager for Huddig AB.


Adding 3D machine control from Leica Geosystems to the Huddig backhoes will ensure even higher productivity of the machines when working on individual projects or with a fleet of machines that uses 3D machine control and digital workflows.


"We are looking forward to offering our excavator machine control solution on Huddig machines. As of today, our proven technology can be retrofitted on all new Huddig backhoes as well as those sold in the past," says Mattias Korall, Regional Heavy Construction Director Nordics at Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon.

"Adding machine control from Leica Geosystems to our first hybrid backhoe further helps reduce fuel consumption, wear and tear on machines, rework and errors," explains Myrgren.

Leica Geosystems and Huddig collaborate to launch a new 3D machine control solution for their backhoe loaders

Adding Leica Geosystems’ machine control technology to Huddig’s new hybrid backhoe, Tigon, we contribute to lower the environmental footprint in the heavy construction industry.


A Dirt Simple Solution now enabling complete control for Huddig backhoes

Earlier we announced the new release of the Leica iCON iXE3 3D excavator machine control solution for smaller excavators with swing boom. Now customer of Huddig backhoe loaders can also benefit from the one-for-all, unified hardware and software solution from Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon.   

"Today, 3D machine control is mandatory in many projects, and this collaboration allows the Huddig backhoes to work on larger scale connected sites," says Jonas Löfskog from Jonas Excav, explaining the advantage of the new cooperation.



About Huddig

Huddig develops, manufactures and sells Huddig backhoe loaders for the overhead line, railway and construction industries. Our own brand, HUDDIG, has long been Sweden's market leader in backhoe loaders. We offer the ultimate solution for effective work in the segments we call City, Cable and Rail.

HUDDIG backhoe loaders employ a unique combination of articulated centre pivot and transmission that allows the machine to operate in almost any terrain.

Since its inception in 1959, Huddig has made more than 12,000 backhoe loaders.

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