Hexagon Blogs

Explore our corporate, conference and divisional blogs to learn how Hexagon technologies are shaping smart change across virtually every industry.

Shaping Smart Change Blog

Hexagon management, customers and partners share their thoughts on the use of technology and information as agents of change.


Our blog features unique and insightful stories that reveal what Hexagon’s annual international conference is all about.

Sensing Change Blog

Leaders, customers and partners of our Geospatial division discuss how we help make sense of a rapidly changing world.

Leica Geosystems Blog

Highlighting the innovation of our Geosystems division, this blog provides the latest news from the world of reality capture.

Accelerate! Blog

The Manufacturing Intelligence blog provides news, commentary and industry insight about all aspects of manufacturing.

Dig This!

Mining's blog shows how our mining solutions are helping shape smart change to meet the growing needs of the world.

GetSmart Blog

Learn how our PPM division is changing the game when it comes to innovative solutions for industrial facilities.


Safety & Infrastructure shares news and thought leadership for industries including public safety, utilities and government.