Clarity. Connectivity. Simplicity. From the Ground Up.


Construction and infrastructure projects can require years of planning and execution and involve thousands of people, tasks and millions, if not billions, of dollars of investment. While construction companies are accelerating adoption of information technologies to help manage this complexity, many of these efforts have proven to be costly, complicated and more disruptive than helpful.

SMART Build is a pioneering, simple, yet robust solution for the construction industry that will improve profit margins and help complete projects safely, on time and on budget.

SMART Build leverages decades of project planning, execution and control leadership successfully applied to some of the world’s largest and most challenging industrial projects. Combine this expertise with innovative, leading-edge information technologies and you have a construction enterprise management system built from the ground up.

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CLARITY: Comprehensive, role-based view of the entire project

SMART Build gives executives a clear line of sight to the entire project, a firm grasp of all activities, and changes and complete control at every level. It seamlessly connects the construction executives with project managers and superintendents, and puts an easy-to-use, browser-based platform and tailor-made tools into the hands of workers on their smart devices, granting them real-time access to all changes, detailed instructions and advanced technologies.

CONNECTIVITY: Entire team connected via the Cloud

With SMART Build, thousands of independent, yet interrelated, people, data and tasks are dynamically connected and available to view, analyse and execute within a single interface. A true end-to-end solution—from planning and execution through hand-over to the building owner— SMART Build dynamically captures and aggregates information throughout the life cycle of the construction project to deliver plans upon completion, greatly reducing planning time and costs for future renovation or retrofitting work.

SIMPLICITY: Works with all types of data

Organisation makes many tasks appear fewer. SMART Build is the ultimate construction enterprise solution, transforming the complexity of a construction project into a simple and robust platform. It runs on existing devices that can be managed without the overhead of dedicated IT staff. Instead, it is efficiently administered and controlled with permission and role-based access.