RC Line Retrofit Controllers

Retrofit Controllers for Coordinate Measuring Machine Upgrades


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The RC Line of retrofit controllers extends the life of your coordinate measuring machine (CMM), reducing the risk of machine downtime and upgrading usability for higher throughput.

Fully compatible with all software and sensors available on new Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence CMMs, the three RC controllers can revitalise a great range of bridge-type, gantry and horizontal-arm Hexagon and non-Hexagon-branded CMMs, regardless of whether the manufacturer remains active in the market or not.

The three controllers – RC241, RC1 and RC4K – are designed to enhance the CMM to originally specified performance, allowing you the option of upgrading your CMM with the latest sensors and software and enabling future-readiness for next-generation technologies.

RC241 Controller
The RC241 retrofit controller is a solution for small and entry-level bridge CMMs supporting up to three axes and providing up to 240 W output power.

RC1 Controller
The RC1 retrofit controller caters for medium and high-end bridge, gantry, and horizontal-arm CMMs supporting up to five configurable axes and providing up to 800 W output power.

RC4K Controller
The RC4K controller is the solution for large gantry and horizontal-arm CMMs supporting up to six configurable axes and providing up to 4 kW output power.

Each I++ DME-compliant controller offers:
  • Short installation time and perfect motion control tuning on any CMM via R-Tune technology
  • Cost-effectiveness, with modular and scalable technology tailored to optimise each CMM model
  • Touch trigger, scanning, and optical measurement capabilities
  • Support for most Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence sensors and tool changers
  • Multisensor compatibility
  • Hexagon’s ergonomic Next Jogbox (NJB) control interface
  • Support for temperature compensation functionality
  • Efficiency thanks to the state-of-the-art motion control features based on the same technology and concepts used in ultra-high precision systems
  • Optional I/O communications with external safety devices and production cell integration
  • Optimisation for harsh shop-floor environments with IP54-compliant cabinets
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    Extend Life of CMM and Minimise Risk of Downtime
    Preventing long maintenance downtime and restoring overall system reliability, RC Line retrofit controllers bring your CMM to premium-level service and enable users to upgrade to the latest software and sensors, transforming the CMM into a future-ready machine.

    Short Installation Time
    R-Tune technology can configure and tune any CMM parameters automatically without the need for time-consuming survey forms, dramatically reducing the time required for a new controller installation.

    Perfect Motion Control

    RC retrofit controllers use the same state-of-the art motion control technology installed on new CMMs from Hexagon, providing cutting-edge features like Fly2Mode and tunnelled motion.

    Maximum Compatibility
    RC Line controllers can connect with an extensive range of CMMs on the market and are fully compatible with most Hexagon probes and non-contact sensors.

    Improved User Experience RC controllers can enable upgrades to the latest Hexagon metrology software, greatly improving productivity, streamlining workflows, and speeding-up quality control.
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    Osta CMM-tarvikkeita verkossa

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Osta CMM-tarvikkeita verkossa

Tunnista tarvikkeesi luottavaisin mielin ja hyödy nopeasta UPS-toimituksesta.