Fully automated inline measurement solutions for automotive flush and gap inspection

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Revolutionary in-line gap measurement

Developed for 100% inline inspection, the fully automatic CALIPRI CB20 and C12 systems meet the highest demands on cycle time and accuracy.

The revolutionary CaliBreeze technology integrated within the CALIPRI CB20, combined with the proven CALIPRI principle, enables optical measurements on every surface.

In order to optimise the naturally poor reflectivity of transparent and semi-transparent surfaces, the patented CaliBreeze technology produces optical contrast by applying an ultra-thin layer of condensed water on the measurement object. Thus, enhancing the optical properties of any surface, making measurements at highest precision and speed possible. After serving its purpose, the layer disappears within seconds without leaving any residue on the measurement object.

For less tricky measurement conditions like body-in-white or paintshop, we also have the CALIPRI C12 in our product portfolio. CALIPRI CB20- and C12-systems can be applied to any type of robot.

The CALIPRI principle allows the gap geometry to be recorded in depth.

Our sensors are all calibrated and temperature compensated and can be – if necessary - exchanged within minutes and without adjustment.

With the disruptive innovation of our CALIPRI CB20 with patented CaliBreeze technology the automation of gap and flush measuring is on the advance.

NEXTSENSE offer the following fully automated solutions for 100% inspection of gap & flush measurement:

  • CALIPRI CB20 with CaliBreeze technology: for the assembly line and measurement on any surfaces (headlights, panoramic roof, chrome, etc.)
  • CALIPRI C12 systems: for the body shop or after painting

Due to cross-platform evaluation strategies used by all CALIPRI versions, results from different CALIPRI measurement stations can be compared without correlations to optimize the production process. Profile data and measurement results are clearly displayed on monitors to show limit exceedings with color-coded overlays. Data is exported automatically as CSV, XML or, on request, using your own interface.

Reliability and precision in measurement results:

  • Surface-independent measurements, even on glass
  • Safety guaranteed by 100% visible laser
  • Cross-process evaluation strategies
  • Automated 100% inspection
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