Simplifying and automating the calibration, compensation and verification of medium and large machine tools and coordinate measuring machines


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The ETALON LASERTRACER-NG simplifies the calibration and monitoring of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and machine tools to offer unrivalled accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

In contrast to other measurement systems for medium and large machines, the LASERTRACER deploys a patented measurement technique that fully compensates for the mechanical errors of the linear, rotation and swivel axes to deliver a centre of rotation of unprecedented accuracy. 

Fast and effective measurement process

The LASERTRACER removes the need for the fine alignment of components, which is a common source of human error. Instead an operator simply places the LASERTRACER inside or close to the working volume of the machine and then mounts the reflector on the tool or probe. The LASERTRACER then automatically tracks the actual path of the machine in its entire working volume and delivers highly accurate measurement values to our software packages TRAC-CAL and TRAC-CHECK, which calculate and analyse machine errors with sub-micron accuracy.

Guided calibration of CMMs and machine tools

The user-friendly TRAC-CAL software guides the operator through the measurement process to determine the systematic geometrical deviations of the coordinate measurement machines or machine tools being evaluated. This includes position deviations, straightness deviations in both directions, rotational deviations (pitch, yaw, roll), and the squareness of axes to one another.

Rapidly identify if machine is within specification

By using the LASERTRACER in combination with TRAC-CHECK software, it is possible to determine within 30 minutes if a machine is still within specification or if it needs maintenance or error compensation. The patented method allows for the automatic alignment of the laser beam and reduces measurement time significantly.

ETALON MULTITRACE: Real-time multilateration 

For applications requiring the highest spatial accuracy and dynamic resolution, four electronically coupled LASERTRACERs are used, forming a real-time multilateration system with a short-term data rate of up to 50 kHz (1000 Hz continuous) and sub-micron-accuracies.
  • Recursos e Benefícios
    Improving multi-axis machine accuracy with volumetric compensation
    The solution provides a log for the output of the axis deviations in different representations and, if necessary, correction data can be generated at the push of a button. This ensures the highest accuracy of the CMM or machine tool.

    Efficient testing and calibration of CMMs and machine tools
    The geometrical interaction of all machine axes is captured with the proven ETALON method, which determines the 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) of all axes and their squareness to each other.

    Standardised monitoring of CMMs and machine tools
    All calculations and measurements are compliant with ISO 230-2, -6 or VDI 3441, optional ISO 230-4 (ballbar test) or ISO10360-2

    Scalable solution for flexible use
    In the entire working volume of a measuring machine or machine tool, spatial accuracies in the sub-micrometer range can be achieved with largely automated measuring routines. The principle is scalable to different machine sizes.

    Easy-to-use and time-saving solution
    There is no need for fine alignment, which makes it easy-to-use and saves time
  • Dados Técnicos
    Measuring uncertainty for spatial displacement (95%)  0.2 µm + 0.3 µm/m
    Resolution  0.001 µm
    Measuring range  0.2 –20 m (larger machine dimensions are covered by stitching of measurements)
    Angular range azimuth axis  -225° to 225°
    Angular range elevation axis  -35° to 85°
    Weight  8.5 kg
    Laser class  2 M
    Delivery  flight save transportation boxes
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