LSP-S2 - Unrivalled precision and flexibility



With horizontal probe extensions of up to 800 mm length the continuous High-Speed-Scanning probe head LSP-S2 allows the measurement of features deep inside a work piece. Its integrated automatic weight balance system can carry styli configurations of up to 1000 g. LSP-S2 is the ideal probe head for long styli.
Probing deflections are measured via high resolution Linear Variable Differential Transducers (LVDT).

The LSP-S2 supports all the standard probing modes like Single Point Probing, Self-Centering as well as Continuous High-Speed-Scanning for fast and accurate form and profile measurements.

Like all other Leitz probe heads, the LSP-S2 provides simultaneous and unclamped probing in all axis, always orthogonal to the surface. This allows the correct compensation of any styli deflection.


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