Visualisation des actifs d’ingénierie (réalités numériques)

Vos projets et vos données O&M, transformés en un actif numérique intelligent, pour des performances commerciales supérieures.

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Hexagon permet à ses clients de créer des réalités numériques où les ressources du monde réel sont capturées et organisées sous forme de représentation numérique et où les connaissances sont facilement disponibles pour prendre des décisions commerciales concernant les projets et les opérations.

Données tout au long du cycle de vie des actifs

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Digital realities for engineering assets

The volume of information created today is greater than at any other time in human history—and only a mere percentage of that data is ever used.

For large, industrial assets, siloed data across many disciplines creates inefficiencies and encourages poor performance. To counter this, industry leaders are transforming their businesses to create digital twins connected by a digital thread

Digital twins

Digital twins and their models are synced with their physical twin throughout service life to enable previously unattainable critical insights to help you understand the “what” and the “why”.

The digital thread

The digital thread provides a means to navigate between the various digital twins used throughout the asset lifecycle to help you understand the “intent” behind the design, strategy and/or process.

At Hexagon, we help our customers with the tools to create digital twins and provide the digital backbone that weaves all of the data sources into the connected digital thread. 

Engineering and construction of industrial assets involves an incredible coordination effort of teams, resources and tools. As the technology advances, so do the possibilities—a single pane of glass view of every project, and all the data that makes up that project—from 2D and 3D designs, cost and schedule information, materials management and all the elements to be packaged and delivered as a digital twin to the asset owner at handover.

Hexagon asset visualisation helps create and maximise the value of the digital thread throughout the asset lifecycle. Consider these project benefits:

  • Reduced process design time
  • Lower CapEx for project design and execution
  • Improved design review efficiency
  • Decreased design errors
  • Reduced project mobilisation costs
  • Declining project handover efforts

Today, asset owners have a huge amount of data available—performance and telemetry—but is it being utilised to its fullest? 

Consider a drive towards predictive maintenance over fixed maintenance schedules. Artificial intelligence can automatically convert a laser scan of an existing facility into a fully-tagged engineering document. 

Hexagon customers can maximise the value of their digital tread throughout the asset lifecycle in many ways including: 

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Better workforce productivity
  • More production capacity
  • Decreased inventory carrying costs


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