Absolute Arm 7-Axis

3D measurement anywhere

The all-in-one solution for portable 3D measurement, from high-accuracy probing to high speed 3D scanning

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Absolute Arm är världens första portabla mätarm med IP54-klassning

Absolute Arm är världens första portabla mätarm med IP54-klassning, vilket skyddar armen mot inträngande partiklar och vätskor under användning. Detta i kombination med garanterad funktionalitet i temperaturer upp till 45 grader Celsius gör Absolute Arm till den perfekta partnern för mätning även i ytterst utmanande miljöer.

Built-in versatility comes in the form of a uniquely modular wrist design

Built-in versatility comes in the form of a uniquely modular wrist design, including an on-wrist touchscreen display that puts control and results in the hands of the user. Choose between configurable grip shapes and sizes as well as a wide range of accessories, from probe tips and 3D optical scanners to complete measurement systems designed for specialised applications.

The modularity at the core of the Absolute Arm design concept continues with the portable arm’s range of scannersThe flagship Absolute Scanner AS1 is the key to premium 3D scanning and digitisation, with its unmatched accuracy, measurement speed and multi-surface automatic exposure functionality based on SHINE technology. The ground-breaking Absolute Scanner AS1-XL offers a high-productivity alternative for large surface scanning thanks to its extra-wide laser scanline and extended standoff distance. The RS5 Laser Scanner offers established and reliable general-purpose scanning functionality, built on proven red light laser scanning technology.

Each Absolute Arm 7-Axis model now boasts an on-wrist touchscreen display

Each Absolute Arm 7-Axis model now boasts an on-wrist touchscreen display that allows for the changing of important measurement settings and instant viewing of measurement results and critical notifications. The wrist touchscreen is compatible with multiple major metrology software platforms and makes measuring with the Absolute Arm even easier than ever.

The Absolute Arm systems are compatible with the Metrology Asset Manager app. Like Hexagon CMM and laser tracker systems, our Absolute Arm systems are now compatible with the Metrology Asset Manager app, powered by the Nexus digital reality platform. As users increasingly venture further away from base with their Absolute Arm systems, it's natural to want to know how devices are performing in the field, and Metrology Asset Manager delivers exactly that. Simple, accurate and highly reliable remote monitoring and analysis functionality, whether at a single site or distributed across locations around the world, means multiple measurement devices can all be monitored in real time through this single system to allow for better-informed decision making.

Funktioner och fördelar

Probning och skanning
Sjuaxliga Absolute Arm är ett multifunktionellt mätverktyg som levererar tydliga produktivitetsförbättringar genom ökad användbarhet och mångsidighet. Den har prestanda för beröringsprobning med stor precision som kan kombineras med avancerad högproduktiv skanning hos Absolute Scanner AS1 eller AS1-XL.

Absolute Encoders
The renowned Absolute Encoders placed in every articulated joint of the Absolute Arm make it the only portable measuring arm on the market to eliminate encoder referencing and frustrating system warm-up times, boosting productivity while delivering high-end accuracy.

Advanced materials
Built on a foundation of high-tech carbon-fibre tube construction, the Absolute Arm maintains strength and thermal stability under any environmental conditions, offering reliable accuracy whatever the environment.

Complete protection
The world’s first portable measuring arm with an IP54 rating, and guaranteed functionality in temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius, the Absolute Arm is the perfect partner for measurement in even the most challenging environmental conditions.

Configurable wrist
The ergonomically designed wrist of the Absolute Arm 7-Axis features an OLED measurement display screen, interchangeable grips, exchangeable probe and scanner mountings and a selection of control buttons, making complete one-handed operational efficiency easier than ever before.

Effortless movement
Intuitively located infinite-rotation low-friction grips have been designed to maximise accuracy by minimising user fatigue and making every movement light and easy to handle – together with a sophisticated counterbalance system, the Absolute Arm is the most agile arm on the market.

Essential security
Stow and lock in place the Absolute Arm between measurements with the HomeDock and SmartLock functions, ensuring that scanners and probes remain undamaged and factory-accurate.

User feedback
In even the harshest industrial environments, communicating with the Absolute Arm in a way that keeps the measurement process running at full speed and efficiency has never been more simple, through our range of visual, acoustic and haptic feedback functions.

Absolute portability
Even the largest Absolute Arm 7-Axis systems weigh only 10.5 kilograms, making setup and repositioning a quick and easy process, while the functionally designed and shock-resistant carry case keeps everything secure during transport.

ISO certification
The probing accuracy of the Absolute Arm 7-Axis is certified according to ISO 10360-12 as standard, with full scanning system accuracy certified according to ISO 10360-8 Annex D when supplied with an Absolute Scanner AS1, AS1-XL or RS5 Laser Scanner.

Asset management
Every Absolute Arm is now compatible with the Metrology Asset Manager solution, allowing users to monitor arm health and performance in real time from anywhere in the world.

Tekniskt fundament
Absolute Arm 7-axis bygger på flera års erfarenhet av tekniken bakom portabla mätarmar. Det är den senaste i en lång rad av marknadsledande mätarmar, från ROMER Arm till ROMER Absolute Arm, och den utgör nu nästa steg i utvecklingen.

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