Offline Profile Measurement System for Rolled Steel Sections


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Designed for the inspection of rolled steel sections, CALIPRI RCx portable measuring systems support the development and introduction of new steel profiles into production or fast production tool changes between models.

Based on non-contact laser light sectioning technology, the CALIPRI RCx helps steel producers to quickly ramp up and achieve high dimensional quality standards. It also supports fast tooling changes in between profile types and pinpoints the source of issues within the specific forming operation.

The CALIPRI RCx steel profile measurement solution is portable and can be used between rolling and forming stations for acquiring in-process measurements of hot rolled profiles, and for quickly comparing those profile measurements to the original targets. Measurements are shown immediately on the wireless connected tablet PC. The CALIPRI RCx measurement device removes the need to cut and cool down samples for inspection, and speeds up the conversion process for new profiles. It offers significantly more information than traditional methods and enables more precise adjustments of the rolling tools.

Steel manufacturers rely on CALIPRI RCx for applications including cross-section measurement for instant analysis and calibration of rolling stands, and sample testing for the dimensional accuracy of hot and cold beam cross sections.

Steel profile surface and flatness measurement

Rising quality standards in the steel industry require highly accurate inspection and full documentation right from the source for rolled product production.