Gestione dei materiali

Fornire una piattaforma di collaborazione comune e un banco di lavoro per i progetti a tutti i partner della catena di fornitura.

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I software di gestione dei materiali, come Intergraph Smart® Materials e Jovix®, migliorano questa funzione chiave della catena di fornitura standardizzando i dati e le informazioni tra i reparti, gli appaltatori e i subappaltatori, riducendo i costi e comprimendo i tempi.

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Smart Materials

Intergraph Smart Materials is an integrated lifecycle material and supply chain subcontracting management solution that provides a collaboration platform/project workbench for partners in any engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project supply chain.

Smart Materials lowers project costs, compresses schedules, improves risk management and enables companies to act globally to maintain advantage in a complex, international competitive market. 

From initial cost estimation through supply chain to on-site management, Smart Materials handles standardisation, bills of materials and  
requisitions, procurement functions, fabrication tracking and site functions, such as warehousing and disposition. 

The only complete materials management and subcontracting solution, Smart Materials uses the latest information technology to provide users with a high degree of flexibility, scalability and easy integration into existing systems and workflows.

Now fully embedded with Smart Materials, Jovix is an award-winning Material Readiness® application designed specifically for industrial construction and material fabrication. Markets and segments served include EPC firms and contractors, AEC firms and contractors, owners and operators, suppliers and fabricators.

By digitalising and automating outdated, manual paper-based data collection, Jovix provides real-time visibility to all stakeholders throughout the supply chain. 

Employing a combination of web-based server software, mobile devices and smart RFID tags and barcode labels, Jovix removes impediments to productivity and ensures workers have the materials they need to spend more time on tools.


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