Cost-effective entry-level coordinate measuring machines

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Providing multifaceted yet cost-effective dimensional inspection capabilities, CROMA offers the ideal option for customers looking to purchase their first coordinate measuring machine or increase capacity for an existing quality assurance operation.

Supporting manufacturers from the beginning of the product lifecycle through to final approval, CROMA machines give all-round performance for workpieces of many shapes and sizes, and deliver a quick return on investment.

The CROMA range of affordable bridge-type coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) is designed to enable customers to improve quality control across the production process and provide great value for money. With advanced frame design, well-engineered structure, specially-designed controller technology and the latest software packages, the range balances accuracy, throughput and reliability with price/performance ratio.

Available in sizes to suit every kind of business, CROMA machines combine innovative design with proven construction and patented technology. User-friendly operation driven by the flagship dimensional metrology software, PC-DMIS, gives an effective measurement solution for the needs of new entrants to the CMM market.
  • Caratteristiche e vantaggi
    All aluminium structure 
    Robust frame with hard anodised aerometal beam and Z-axis offers temperature consistency as well as a reduced mass of moving parts and force of inertia to ensure high accuracy during high-speed movement.

    Patented triangular beam

    The triangular beam design offers a lower centre of gravity, better stiffness and more reliable motion compared to rectangular and cross beams.

    Integral dovetail guide way
    Integral dovetail guide way on Y-axis reduces the machine weight and helps prevent motional swings during the inspection process to ensure measuring accuracy and stability.

    Self-cleaning air bearings

    All three axes run on high-precision self-cleaning air bearings, providing smooth movement that reduces wear on the guide ways to maximise equipment durability and minimise repair costs.

    High-precision optical scales
    European-import, high-precision optical scales installed with one end fixed and the other freely extensible ensures linear expansion and contraction with temperature changes to mitigate the impact of thermal deformation.

    DC servo motors
    All three axes are driven by DC servo motors, providing stable movement and exact positioning to support accurate probe location and overall measurement.

    Specially-designed control system
    The IDC-I control system, designed by Hexagon Metrology specifically for the CROMA range, improves the dynamic performance and measuring capabilities of the machine.
  • Dati tecnici
     Machine Type    CROMA 564  CROMA 686  CROMA 8106  CROMA 8126
     Strokes (mm)  X  500  600  800  800
     Y  600  800  1000  1200
     Z  400  600  600  600
     Measuring range (mm)  Dx  634  734  934  934
     Dz  144  144  144  144
     Dz1  594  794  794  794
     Working plate (mm)  Ph  783  783  805  805
     Py  1155  1355  1555  1755
    Support (mm)  Sy  824  978  1178  1378
     Sy1  356  379  379  379
     Overall size (mm)  Lx  1050  1150  1350  1350
     Ly  1535  1735  1935  2135
     Lz  2247  2647  2729  2729
     Max. part weight    300  300  300  300
     Machine wieght (kg)    590  730  1074  1196
     MPEe (μm)    2.8 + L / 300  2.8 + L / 300  3.0 + L / 300  3.0 + L / 300
     Probe/Sensor  Manual or automatic
     Scales resolution μm    0.078  0.078  0.078  0.078
     Max. 3D speed (mm/s)    520  520  520  520
     Max. 3D acceleration (mm/s2)    1730  1730  1730  1730
     Air pressure    120 Nl / min, 0.45 Mpa  120 Nl / min, 0.45 Mpa  120 Nl / min, 0.45 Mpa  120 Nl / min, 0.45 Mpa
     Operating temperature    20±2°C  20±2°C  20±2°C  20±2°C
     Temperature gradients:  
     Air temperature variation    1°C / h - 2°C / 24h  1°C / h - 2°C / 24h  1°C / h - 2°C / 24h  1°C / h - 2°C / 24h
     Air temperature gradient    1°C / m  1°C / m  1°C / m  1°C / m
     HumidityOMA    45% - 75%  45% - 75%  45% - 75%  45% - 75%
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