Taşınabilir ölçüm kolları hakkında

Metrolojiyi üretim ortamına taşımak için taşınabilir ölçüm kollarını kullanmanın avantajlarını keşfedin ve Absolute Arm serisinin işinize nasıl fayda sağlayabileceğini öğrenin.

Absolute Arm: Versatility

From laser scanners to touch probes, wireless operation to simple portability, the Absolute Arm offers measurement options for every situation, by design.

Absolute Arm: Productivity

High-speed laser scanning, Absolute Encoders and a host of other innovative technologies allow the Absolute Arm to make measurement more productive than ever, by design.

Absolute Arm: Usability

From ergonomic improvements to an innovative modular design concept, the Absolute Arm makes measurement easier, by design.

Absolute Arm: Protection

A widely noted trend in the world of metrology over recent years has been the increasing demand for measurement taking place further and further from the controlled environment of the quality room.

Customer Success

Read what the team at Red Bull Racing had to say when they first saw the latest model of Absolute Arm.

Which Absolute Arm?

Learn more about the Absolute Arm range and see how to select the right Absolute Arm for your application.

Working to a New Standard: ISO 10360-12 For Arms

Find out what's changed with our move to ISO 10360-12, the latest standard for portable measuring arm certification.

Accessories for Portable Measuring Arms

Hexagon offers a complete range of products and accessories for Absolute Arm systems.