m&h Infrared Receiver IRR91.42

m&h IRR91.42 – Compact infrared receiver with HDR+ technology, mounted directly in the headstock


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IRR91.42 reliably receives measurement and temperature data. It can communicate with m&h infrared probes and infrared tool setters. The receiver can communicate with three different probing systems on the same machine. All necessary components are integrated in the compact stainless steel housing.


  • Turning/milling centers, vertical turning machines, milling machines and machining centers 
  • Direct connection to the machine control without requiring an additional electronic module
  • Use on multi-axis machines with swiveling head possible


  • HDR (High Data Rate) and HDR+ infrared transmission exclude interference of measuring from ambient light
  • Robust and absolutely immersion-tight – in acc. with IP68
  • Processes measurement and temperature data


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