Scan Pilot

Guiding your CMM through the unknown – Scan Pilot delivers high productivity in non-predefined scanning measurements.

Scan Pilot

When the route ahead is unclear, you rely on the skill and knowledge of the pilot to guide you home. Scan Pilot improves the robustness of undefined path scanning operations, skilfully steering you towards higher scan speeds, better throughput and greater application range. With standard parameters to fit almost any operation, your flight path is logged for a smooth journey.

Scanning without a predefined measurement path can be challenging and time consuming. To ensure high productivity in non-predefined scanning measurements, Scan Pilot offers greater motion control capabilities that allow robust scanning performance even when the path is unknown. With Scan Pilot, your system can minimise cycle times – however complex the geometry or abrupt the surface changes.


The GLOBAL S family of coordinating measuring machines uses smart technologies and sensor configurations to streamline the creation, execution, and analysis of measurement.