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Discover the latest stories in Reporter 91, Hexagon's magazine dedicated to geospatial data. This issue delivers insights that inform technology and strategy, bridging the gap to actionable solutions.
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Autonomous future

Autonomous technologies are freeing people for more creative and impactful work by revolutionising industries like manufacturing, energy and power generation, transportation and agriculture, making them more efficient, accessible and safe.
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The journey to sustainability must not abandon the progress brought about by industry and innovation. The answer to our global sustainability challenges lies in using data, digital technologies and automation for better outcomes and a healthier planet.
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Smart Digital Reality™

The combining of Hexagon’s core technologies empowers customers to unlock data’s unlimited potential, where they can create and maintain digital twins that evolve with change, enabled by AI and autonomous technologies – the Smart Digital Reality.
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Être le moteur d’un avenir autonome et durable

Alors que beaucoup de personnes voient l’autonomie comme un simple moyen de conduire nos voitures, nous pensons qu’elle est bien plus. Elle améliorera notre climat et protégera nos villes. Elle rendra les combustibles fossiles plus propres, l’exploitation minière plus sûre, la fabrication plus efficace, les bâtiments plus intelligents et l’avenir plus radieux pour la prochaine génération.