Soluções de Transporte HxGN SafeHaul

Autorização e Rota de Cargas de Grande Porte/Com Excesso de Peso

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  • Automated permitting

    Improve permitting revenue by speeding up the permit process with:

    • A browser-based application for carriers
    • Automated approval processes for the permitting agents
    • Easy way for haulers to apply, pay, and receive permits instantly
  • Optimized routing

    Automatically calculate the safest route for a load:

    • Enter the point of origin and destination, and the system analyzes the road network for restrictions relevant to the vehicle and generates a safe route
    • Visualize the route clearly with a map viewer
    • Save commonly used routes for future permit requests to expedite the routing process
    • The system reroutes if new restrictions impact the existing route
  • Dynamic roadway restriction management

    Restrictions such as accidents, lane closures, construction and maintenance zones, and bridge limitations can be managed:

    • Visualize and manage restrictions using map and tabular views
    • Enter and manage road restrictions on the fly to ensure network constraints are up to date
    • Notify active permit holders of new restrictions impacting their route
    • Available in a web services interface and in a mobile application for field
  • Comprehensive bridge evaluation

    Ensure that OS/OW vehicles are routed to bridges and roads that can properly support the load:

    • Use analytical methods to evaluate a bridge’s ability to support a vehicle, including moment and shear calculations, bridge postings, and federal bridge formula
    • Analyze each bridge differently based on the individual restrictions applied to each bridge
    • Available in a web services interface and in a mobile application for field
  • System management

    Authorized users can manage the SafeHaul system by accessing the configuration settings and security measures:

    • Visualize system metrics in a dashboard
    • Monitor the application usage, report generation, and system logs
    • Manage user roles and permissions
    • View and issue reports