Spatial Modeler SDK

Spatial Modeler SDK provides a C++ toolkit for building, modifying and running workflows on geospatial data.

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Spatial Modeler SDK is a C++ toolkit for building, modifying and running workflows on geospatial data. Intended for the experienced C++ programmer, this SDK can be used to build complex algorithms or simply to run routine tasks. It is extensible via a plugin mechanism where objects, such as operators, data types, and configuration dialogs, are discovered at runtime by demand-loading all DLLs found in a search path and identifying the Spatial Modeler objects implemented in those DLLs.

Spatial Modeler SDK can be used to build add-ons to ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia or it can be used to build and run workflows within your own product. Built on decades of experience in handling raster, vector and point cloud information, including SAR, hyperspectral, databases, LiDAR and more, this is a unique offering for extending your Hexagon products.



Build extended algorithms or run routine tasks

Build operators to perform tasks that cannot be constructed using existing operators while leveraging the existing data processing infrastructure provided by Spatial Modeler.

Build add-ons

Get access to a clearly defined API and examples for how to design, implement and deploy new operators to extend ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia.

Build and run workflows

Extend Spatial Modeler by adding new operators, data types, data conversions, and dialogs for the user to set parameters for operators.

Wildlife application

Learn how combining thermal imagery with spatial modeling provides a simple solution to wildlife population counts.

On-demand spatial analysis

ERDAS APOLLO provides an end-to-end workflow to execute geoprocesses with or without domain knowledge.

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