A monitor showing the solution specific module of QUINDOS metrology software

QUINDOS Solution specific modules

Power through flexibility – extend your application with additional QUINDOS Modules for advanced evaluation and measurement

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  • Modules for CMM and production monitoring
  • Modules for advanced CAD handling & point clouds
  • Modules for automation

Develop and expand your application with an unrivalled portfolio of add-on features for complex evaluations

2D & 3D curves handling
  • Comprehensive algorithms for best fit and radius correction
  • Advanced point handling
  • Advanced CAD based functionalities

Feature oriented inspection

  • Flexible adaptation of inspection plans to requirements

Statistical monitoring

  • QUINDOS statistics
  • Q-DAS interface
  • Connect to HxGN Metrology Reporting Automate Inspection Planning with PMIs
  • One-click of feature measurement for parts with PMI data
  • Repair incorrect or incomplete PMI data for MBD readiness

Mesh & Point cloud inspection

  • Use given inspection plans for the digitzed part
  • Measure and evaluate special geometries according to standards

CMM monitoring and acceptance test

  • Test the accuracy of the measuring device to ensure compliance with standards