QUINDOS for advanced gear measurement

An engineer using a jobbox to control a CMM. In the foreground there is a computer screen showing the software operating the machine and the part being inspected which is a gear

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Featuring an intuitive visual interface and reverse engineering capabilities, QUINDOS makes gear measurement fast and efficient. Moving paths, probe points and scan lines are all automatically generated based on the nominal gear parameters. A range of programming tools make it easy to build gear inspection routines. Reports can also be generated and shared.

A screenshot of QUINDOS metrology software showing the different reference points on a part about to be measuredQUINDOS has a GDE (Gear Data Exchange) interface for cylindrical gears (in line with VDI/VDE 2610 specification) which enables users to easily transfer and distribute gear data electronically. In addition to the geometrical parameters, information on profile and helix, pitch, run-out, and specialised measurements can be effortlessly transferred between systems.

The advanced gear measurement algorithms in QUINDOS are certified to a wide range of international standards such as DIN, ISO, JIS, AGMA, ANSI, CNOMO and also meets individual industrial standards.

Available gearing modules include:

  • QUINDOS Gear for cylindrical gears & gear segments
  • QUINDOS Unknown Gear for reverse engineering of cylindrical gears
  • QUINDOS Herringbone Gears
  • QUINDOS Interface Gear Data Exchange for cylindrical gears
  • For Cylindrical Gears
  • QUINDOS Gear Racks
    • QUINDOS Gear Rack with Constant Ratio
    • QUINDOS Gear Rack with Variable Ratio
  • QUINDOS Bevel
    • QUINDOS Straight Bevel Gear 
    • QUINDDOS Spiral Bevel Gear incl. Crown/Face Gears
  • QUINDOS Hirth Serration
  • QUINDOS Curvic Coupling
  • QUINDOS Tapered pinions for spiroid gear drives
  • QUINDIOS Gear Gages
  • QUINDOS Cylindrical Worm & QUINDOS Worm Wheel
  • QUINDOS Globoid Worm
  • QUINDOS Screw Compressor
  • QUINDOS Sprocket
  • QUINDOS Step Gear
  • QUINDOS Threads


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