Portable base stations for portable measuring arms

The ideal mobile workstation for your Absolute Arm


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The workplace you always wanted for your portable measuring arm. With a stable, robust and rust-proofed design that is perfect for use on the shop floor, each base station has lockable drawers and/or doors for convenient storage of frequently used tools, alongside a full complement of productivity-enhancing accessories. There’s even room to store a complete Absolute Arm when not in use.

Swift-Fix ready
Fixturing plays a key role in defining the accuracy, speed and repeatability of your measurement process. With Swift-Fix, Hexagon’s fully modular part-holding and fixturing system, it’s simple to build and use metrology fixtures that make part measurement fast and accurate enough to meet the demands of modern manufacturing.

Simple to set up and use, Swift-Fix enables operators to quickly and correctly fixture parts and components of different shapes, sizes and complexity. Because of the complexity of many of today’s manufactured components, the held part must be uncluttered and the clamping discreet, to allow the measurement probe to obtain maximum accessibility. Swift-Fix combines standard base plates and fixturing elements in an intuitive way to make holding parts simple and effective, including alpha-numerical labelling to facilitate the precise recording and reproduction of specific configurations.

That’s why every portable base station includes a Swift-Fix Basic kit as standard. And to further enhance your measurement productivity, each can be supplemented by a Swift-Fix Bronze, Silver or Gold flexible fixturing kit.
  • 특징 및 장점
    Easy and flexible setup
    The base stations magnetic top plate is M8-threaded, allowing an arm to be mounted directly, and has a 50-millimetre hole pitch to ensure maximum flexibility and freedom in setting up the right fixture for every part.

    Hexagon_MI_Absolute-Arm-cart_open-drawerSwift-Fix enabled
    Each base station is equipped with a Swift-Fix Basic kit in a dedicated case as standard, with add-ons available to meet every fixturing and measurement requirement.

    Two configurations
    Each size of portable base station is able in two configurations: one with two doors and one drawer; the other with two large drawers.

    Various sizes

    Portable base stations are available in a number of sizes to fit all workshop needs.

    Complete arm storage
    Large drawer versions of the portable base station are available with a special insert for storage of a complete Absolute Arm system of 2.5-metre measurement volume or less..

    Laptop ready

    Mounting directly to the top plate, fully adjustable non-slip laptop arm mounts are also available to raise 15- and 17-inch laptops above the measurement surface for more comfortable working.
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