Materials Connect

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Materials Connect is Hexagon’s first-in-class cloud-native visualisation and data management solution, enhancing collaboration and connectivity across smart manufacturing.

Empower collaboration with cloud-centric data management

Materials Connect offers flexible and scalable access to material data to address the most demanding engineering and manufacturing challenges. Hosted in a cloud-based environment, Materials Connect ensures that material data is accessible to all data consumers, facilitating the connection of data between stakeholders and enhancing smart manufacturing collaboration.

The database simplifies the process of importing, managing and structuring all types of data with intuitive and interactive data and information visualisation tools, allowing users to quickly identify materials of interest and make informed decisions. Materials Connect is part of Nexus, an open platform enabling digital engineering and manufacturing collaboration by connecting people, technologies, and data, accelerating innovation and time to market.

Value & Benefits:

  • Leverage a cloud-based platform to access material data effortlessly
  • Get data-driven insights with modern and flexible visualisation tools to make informed decisions
  • Enhance smart manufacturing collaboration through connected workflows
  • Optimise productivity through streamlined data management, integrating, organising and optimising various types of data seamlessly