CALIPRI Predictor

Simple condition assessment of the wheel set for predictive maintenance

CALIPRI Predictor

CALIPRI Predictor is an easy-to-use cloud storage and analysis tool for CALIPRI measurement devices. Data is securely stored, highly available, safe to access and cost effective. By predicting wear levels, the maintenance schedule can be adjusted to the condition of the vehicles, enabling the predictable and safe operation of the entire fleet.

These functions are designed for all employees, presenting the as-is condition of the fleet in a fast and easy way to fleet technicians, workshop owners, railway maintenance workers or non-technical personnel whether in the workshop, office or on the road.

Together with the measurement data from the CALIPRI measurement systems, Predictor generates actionable information that means the feedback loop in railway maintenance can be made more productive and cost efficient.

CALIPRI Predictor condition assessment of train wheels for predictive maintenance

  • Funkciók És Előnyök

    Simple usability
    Easy measurement data upload and identification.

    Cloud-based solution
    Data access from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

    Trend analysis
    Provides direct leads for plannable maintenance tasks and procurement management.

    Profile comparison
    Allows analysis of wheel wear development of every wheel in the fleet.

    Filtered notifications
    Customisable for individual personnel, freeing up information channels.

    PDF reporting
    Easy share mechanism can be used to connect with third partie


Wheelset and track profile for train and rail

Train wheelsets and rail infrastructure are typical wear parts, and have significant effects on passenger comfort and safety as well as noise and ride.