Utilities and Communications Snapshots

Solutions for energy distribution, wastewater treatment and telecommunications

Solutions for effective work processes

Gain insights into digital processes and integration, planning support, network construction and operations, and mobile solutions.

Capacity management

Learn about automatic registration of utilization with service allocation and see how to display current capacity in thematic maps and anticipate capacity saturation.

Fiber Path Browser

See how to edit connections and channels as well as how easy it is to assign services via Fiber Path Browser.

Service and circuit enhancement

Learn how immediate access to full fiber paths supports circuit assignments, enables path analysis and adds operations data about the status of individual fiber strands and ports.

Splicing via the web

The ability to view and edit splicing data, connections and attributes in the field can be useful; see an example of how to edit a splice enclosure in the field with a web solution.

Working with diagrams

Learn how schematic representation diagrams for branch enclosures, handholes and splice enclosures can be easily generated and interactively adapted.