HxGN OnCall Dispatch

Agile next-gen call-taking and computer-aided dispatch capabilities that link callers, dispatchers, managers, and field officers for faster, more effective response.

HxGN OnCall Analytics

A single source of organizational data featuring interactive reports and dashboards that all can use for evidence-based analysis and communications.

HxGN OnCall Records

HxGN OnCall Records features a cloud-deployable records management system (RMS) that delivers fast access to information and powerful capabilities whenever and wherever needed.

HxGN OnCall Field Mobility Solutions

Enhance safety, performance, and productivity by connecting mobile users with dispatch and records management systems wherever they are.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor

See the unseen. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Smart Advisor fills operational blind spots in complex, unfolding emergencies.


Xalt is a configurable solution enabling interoperability between systems and facilitating the adoption of new technologies.