Scrum Conference 2015

Reflections on Scrum Conference 2015

In late August 2015, HCCI had just hosted an event that was the first of its kind, Scrum Conference 2015. After hearing from us about the products we develop across the broader realms of technology, it was now time to unveil our creative process.

The Scrum Conference aimed to combine the best practices shared by various business units, focusing on learning and growth. To ensure easy employee participation, this half-day event was made available in conference rooms through live-streaming and WebEx. Topics were carefully chosen and sent for nomination by each unit, and were later scrutinized before advancing to the final round,so winners could be selected.

Topics nominated fell into two tracks for discussion:one for Product Development practices and the other for Agile Coach/Leadership. Scrum topics covered the process, the science behind it, improvement of efficiency and quality for business, and more. Ultimately, ‘Science Behind Scrum’ won the best presentation from Agile Coach/Leadership and ‘Pair Programming-Myth Busters’ won from Product Development track.

Andrew Veren, Technical Director of Intergraph Public Safety (now part of Hexagon Safety and Infrastructure), who travelled from Huntsville,shared his excitement at taking part in this historic event. He conveyed his thoughts, shared by HCCI,about how conferences like these help drive motivation, and thus performance,of our teams through such enriched interaction.