Romax is a software platform dedicated to the development of drivetrains and power transmissions starting from the concept design up to the simulation and detailed analysis of the system. It allows for a multidisciplinary approach to design and is effectively integrated into a wider CAE environment which ensures its use in an almost unlimited range of applications.Starting from the basic notions of the world of power transmission mechanics, the course aims to present the software itself and its capabilities in the field of concept design, durability and NVH simulation.


Preliminary knowledge of the functionality and characteristics of drivetrain systems and transmissions


Romax Concept and Enduro 1

  • Introduction to Design of powertrain and target of modeling and analysis
  • Modeling of basic components: shafts, gears, bearings, friction
  • Working conditions; power workflow
  • Geometrical characteristic of gears
  • Preliminary gear rating
  • Overview of materials and costs
  • Efficiency
  • Model Export to Romax Enduro
  • Preliminary model upgrades
  • Selection of bearings from catalogue
  • Static analysis and gear mesh misalignments

Romax Enduro 2

  • Detailed geometric characterization of gears
  • Microgeometry analysis and optimization
  • Gear rating and safety factors
  • Import of FE components: FE housing

Romax Spectrum

  • Dynamic overview of housing
  • Transmission Error
  • Response Nodes
  • Vibration analysis: modal flexibility, 3D harmonic response, Mode shape analysis, bearings and housing outcome, operating Deflection Shape (ODS), Equivalent Radiated Power (ERP)
  • Advanced vibration analysis
  • DOE, Batch run and Optimization


3 days
22 – 23 – 24 May, Caponago


600 €/ per person per day


Matthew Iannone