Introduction into the Powertrain Simulation with Romax



The aim of the training is to provide an overview of the various modelling and analysis features of the Romax software and thus make it easier to get started with powertrain simulation. As part of the training the participants have the opportunity to get to know the software using practical examples.


  • Introduction to Romax software
  • Modelling of different powertrain topologies including typical transmission components, e.g. parallel gear stages, planetary gear stages without flexible bodies
  • Comparison of the modelled gearbox topologies based on typical design parameters in the concept phase, e.g. gearing and bearing forces, component life and efficiency calculations
  • Integration of CAD data and use of Romax internal mesher to create a flexible transmission housing and other flexible bodies
  • Definition of gear microgeometry and presentation of optimisation approaches for parallel stage gears
  • Calculation and analysis of system deformation, gear mesh misalignments and bearing deflections
  • Calculation and analysis of bearing and gear life based on common industry standards taking into account system deformation effects
  • Tooth contact analysis and Transmission Error calculation for a defined load case
  • Outlook into structure-borne noise and airborne noise analysis options and interfaces between Romax and Actran for detailed airborne noise results as well as Romax and Adams to capture transient drivetrain effects


Basic knowledge of mechanics


February 16 and September 14 2023


1 day