PYT101 – Python programming language for Hexagon D&E applications


Python is the scripting language chosen by MSC Software to be used in many of its Applications. It has a clear syntax, modern constructs and a ‘Batteries Included’ approach that makes it ideal to be used both inside and outside the MSC ecosystem. This course is intended to help the typical MSC user to get started with the Python language by exploring the features that make Python stand out, the programming techniques to take advantage of them, and a glance at Python’s extensive Standard Library and some important external freely available modules to help the Python newcomer avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’. The course includes different workshops that explore Python integration in different engineering scenarios and MSC applications such as Adams, Marc/Mentat, Apex and SimManager.


  • Basic Python Concepts and Structures
  • File I/O
  • Functions
  • Exceptions
  • Modules
  • Advanced Function usage (Closures, Generators, Decorators)
  • Classes and OOP
  • Context Managers
  • A Glimpse of The Most Useful Modules in the Standard Library
  • PIP and Virtual environments
  • Workshops


Basic programming experience using any other programming language (Fortran, Matlab, PCL, Java, etc)


17.01.2023-19.01.2023 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden

22.05.2023.24.05.2023 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden

08.11.2023-10.11.2023 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden


3 Days  



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