NAS101 – MSC Nastran Basic: Linear Static Analysis, Normal Modes and Linear Buckling


The objective of this seminar is to introduce the new user of MSC Nastran to the use and handling of the input file (BDF) to generate linear static, normal mode and linear buckling analysis through several examples. The structure of the input file, the library of elements, modeling techniques, debugging and error identification, model checking will be studied and general recommendations will be given to obtain efficient solutions with MSC Nastran.


  • Introduction to the Theory of the Finite Element Method
  • Overview of the MSC Nastran Input File
  • Solution Types in MSC Nastran
  • Case Control Section
  • Output selection
  • Subcases
  • Bulk Data Section
  • Coordinate Systems, Geometry and Constraints
  • Type of Elements and Material Properties
  • Modeling Practices
  • Rigid Elements, Model Checking, Parameters and Debugging
  • Natural Frequencies and Normal Modes
  • Analysis of Normal Modes in MSC Nastran
  • Pandel's theory
  • Linear Buckling Analysis in MSC Nastran
  • Linear Contacts and Permanent Glue Contact
  • File Management Section
  • Restarts, Databases


Basic knowledge of Resistance of Materials


On demand


Three days

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