NAS 106A - Basic Substructure Analysis using MSC Nastran - Primary Superelements


In this class, you will learn how to define superelements, analyze superelements in static and dynamic analyses (including component modes), and set up both single and multi-level superelement analysis. You will learn how to perform restarts using superelements and incorporate superelements with nonlinear analysis.            


  • Defining Superelements and Terminology
  • Loads, Constraints, Parameters, and Case Control
  • Multilevel Superelement Analysis
  • Component Modes, Reduction, and Assembly
  • Model Checkout Tools
  • Database and Restarts
  • Dynamic Analysis with Superelements
  • Nonlinear Analysis              


NAS101 or equivalent experience. MSC.Nastran Dynamic Analysis seminar(NAS102) is recommended.


20.03.2023-21.03.2023 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden

22.08.2023-23.08.2023 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden              


2 Days


€1250 + VAT

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Hängpilsgatan 6, SE-426 77 Västra Frölunda, Sweden
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