NAS 101A - Basic MSC.Nastran Linear Static, Normal Modes and Buckling Analysis


The purpose of this seminar is to introduce the new MSC.Nastran user to the basic ASCII input requirements for linear static and normal modes analysis of structures. Many important features of MSC.Nastran are illustrated with numerous example problems. MSC.Nastran data structure and element library, modeling practices, model debugging, and guidelines for efficient solutions are discussed. This seminar (or NAS120) provides the foundation required for intermediate and advanced MSC.Nastran applications.


  • Introduction to finite element theory and finite element modeling
  • Overview of MSC.Nastran input data
  • MSC.Nastran solution sequences
  • Case control section
  • Output requests, Data selection
  • Subcase definition
  • Bulk data section
  • Coordinate systems, Geometry, Constraints
  • Material properties, Elements
  • Intermediate modeling practices
  • Set notations, Rigid elements, Model debugging, Symmetry, Modeling recommendations, Parameters
  • Natural frequencies and normal modes
  • Governing equations, Methods of computation
  • MSC.Nastran entries for normal modes analysis
  • Buckling theory
  • MSC.Nastran entries for buckling analysis
  • Introduction to the file management section
  • Restarts, Databases
  • Overview of advanced capabilities


A basic knowledge of statics and strength of materials is highly recommended.

No previous finite element analysis experience is required.


11.01.2023-12.01.2023 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden

19.09.2023-20.09.2023 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden                             


2 Days  


€1250 + VAT

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Hängpilsgatan 6, SE-426 77 Västra Frölunda, Sweden
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