MSC Transmissions – Electromechanical Transmission Systems


This course will address the needs of designing and simulating the behavior of any type of electromechanical transmission, such as the durability and useful life of components and systems, with excellent usability and intuitive workflows with Hexagon D&E simulation tools: Romax Enduro. Throughout the course the modeling of parallel, perpendicular or planetary systems will be carried out taking into account the flexibility of the components. Design for durability is a cornerstone of transmission development. Today, the shift to electric drivetrains has created unprecedented demand for new drivetrain architectures across many vehicle platforms, at a time when expertise in the field is scarce.


  • Design and modeling
  • Detailed definition of gears
  • Modeling and analysis of planetary systems
  • Micro geometry analysis
  • Structural flexibility


Basic notions of FEM Analysis and MBD


2 days

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