MSC Conformado – Simulation of metal part forming processes


MSC Conformado is the introductory course for new users of Simufact Forming. In it, the students will learn the basic notions to be able to carry out the typical simulations of metal forming applications. You will be instructed on how to build the models, calculate and evaluate them using Simufact Forming. They will also learn to understand the basics of the software so they can simulate their own forming processes.


  • Introduction to the structure of Simufact Forming
  • Import CAD and prepare the geometry
  • How to configure multi-step processes
  • Idealization of real forming processes
  • How to configure punch and cut type processes
  • Define spring-return molds
  • Post-processing
  • Discussion about the differences between a finite element or finite volume solver

Pre requirements

A basic knowledge of CAD is recommended


2 days

Contact information
Office Madrid: Avenida de Manoteras, nº 32. Edificio A, 1ª Planta Tel: +34 91 143 66 16 ext 4808
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