MSC Adams Car


The course introduces the Adams/Car environment, developed to model and virtually reproduce both the models and the tests to which vehicles and their subsystems (suspension, brake, tyre, engine, steering line,..) are subjected during the different stages of project evolution. The peculiar aspects of the code architecture will be highlighted (cdb, cfg, hp, ref system, parameters, communicator, template, subsystem, assembly, ...), how to effectively edit i models to optimize the handling performance of the car, investigate the modeling of the tyre, such as set up events (manoeuvres), define routes (road) and post-process the results.


Knowledge of basic Adams functionality and multibody modeling would be recommended.


  • Introducing Adams/Car: Basic Concepts
  • Creating and Adjusting Subsystems
  • Creating and simulating suspensions
  • Creating and Simulating Full Vehicles
  • Tires and Roads
  • Postprocess
  • Event Builder
  • Road Builders
  • Building Templates
  • Communicators
  • Requests


3 days

18 – 19 – 20 September, Turin


600 €/ per person per day


Mauro Vesco or Angelo Casolo