Modelling simulation of fluid power systems using Easy5



This course has been designed to give the hydraulics engineer a basic understanding of the issues and difficulties surrounding modelling and simulation of fluid power systems. It is geared towards the user who already has a general understanding of the Easy5 modelling, simulation and analysis environment as well as knowledge in the area of hydraulics design.


  • General Theory of Hydraulic Modelling in Easy5
  • Modelling an Open Loop Oil Cooling System
  • Obtain Initial Operating Points
  • Fluid properties
  • Modelling a Closed Loop Oil Cooling System
  • Difficulties in obtaining steady state
  • Building a Piloted Servo Valve
  • Building valves from primitive hydraulic components
  • Use steady state scan to parameterize models
  • Linear analysis
  • Model a Raise/Lower Valve for a Hydraulic Lift
  • Using HC library components to create larger component
  • Reverse flow in a hydraulic system
  • Minimizing number of pressure states
  • Simulating Water hammer Effects
  • Disaster Recovery – How to handle problem models


Working knowledge of Easy5 and a basic understanding of the Thermal Hydraulics library.


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1.5 days


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