Advanced elastomer simulation with Marc

Marc Advanced Elastomer


You will learn the mathematical basics of simple and complex hyperelastic material models and the determination of the necessary parameters using uni- and equibiaxial tests carried out on site Material tests of elastomeric materials. The application in Marc is demonstrated using sample calculations and various problems such as self-contact and strategies for convergence are discussed. In addition, will special material properties, such as the Mullins effect, shown on the basis of measurements and taken into account of stress softening in the simulation calculation. Current strategies for lifetime calculation of elastomeric materials using different strength hypotheses are presented. Finally, the possible implementation of new material models in Marc is discussed.



  • Basics of hyperelastic material models of elastomeric materials
  • Demonstration and implementation of material tests (uni- and equibiaxial)
  • Determination of material parameters for various hyperelastic material models
  • Practical application in Marc (model creation, element types, contact and boundary conditions)
  • Material tests to demonstrate the Mullins effect
  • Material models with Mullins effect in Marc
  • Practical application in Marc (characteristic calculation and conditioning effects)
  • Outlook lifetime calculation and strength hypotheses
  • Outlook Implementation of complex material models



Basic knowledge of Marc Mentat (see MAR101).



Mar 16-17 2023



Garching near Munich, Germany



2 days