Introduction to FEA with MSC Apex Modeler  



The course develops your understanding of the toolset and the many concepts it supports, allowing you to become productive with Apex’s functionality very quickly. You’ll become familiar with key workflows, improved modeling strategy and the analysis benefits achievable with this new paradigm that Apex offers.

All the taught and tutorial content is built around a real-world CAD representation of a UAV/drone air vehicle, which, through the progression of eight discrete topics, will advance your understanding from simple modeling tasks, through to looking at complex assemblies, model verification and using Apex as part of an external FEA workflow.

The learning experience is underpinned with a combination of instructor-led explanation and demonstration, in parallel with interactive user tutorials, which develop in involvement through the course.

This course is developed and delivered by Evotech CAE Ltd (, an Hexagon Software Business Partner. As Director and Lead FEA Engineer of UK-based Evotech CAE Ltd, Dr Steffan Evans has over 20 years’ experience of the practical usage of advanced FEA techniques in diverse industrial settings. This has included the development and delivery of many training courses and programs covering FEA fundamentals, industry application of the technology, alongside direct teaching in how to get the most from your commercial FEA software. 


  • Introduction, covering a brief introduction to FEA, MSC Apex, the user environment and a complete 'Propeller Blade'
    worked example
  • Model build (1D/2D), covering 1D/2D modeling strategy/element choices and properties, geometry/idealisation for
    1D/2D modeling and a ‘Stiffened Plate’ worked example
  • Model build (3D), covering 3D modeling strategy/element choices for both ‘Tet’ and ‘Hex’ meshing, geometry/idealisation
    for solid modeling and a ‘Rotor Hub’ worked example
  • Model attribution, covering model attribution, isotropic/2D orthotropic and composite materials, loads and boundary
    conditions and a ‘Loaded Plate’ worked example
  • Model connections, covering glue, edge tie, connector and discrete tie/joints and a ‘Glue/Connector’ worked example
  • Assembly modeling, covering part/assembly structure, manipulation, verification and a ‘Drone Assembly’ worked
  • Analysis, covering analysis readiness, simulation scenarios, analysis, post-processing and a ‘Drone Analysis’ worked
  • External FEA workflow, covering companion, external MSC Nastran and orphan mesh workflows and an ‘External MSC
    Nastran’ worked example


A basic knowledge of strength of materials and 3D CAD modeling is recommended. No previous knowledge of FEA is required. 




2 days


£900+VAT(Hexagon office)/£600+VAT(online)


Tel: +44 (0)1276 903120