ADM 711 - Control System Integration with Adams using FMI, MATLAB or Easy5


You will learn how to connect your Adams models to control systems developed in MATLAB or Easy5. Techniques for combining linear, nonlinear, continuous, and sampled control systems with your Adams model will be presented, along with tutorials. Converting your MATLAB or Easy5 model into a native Adams entity via Control System Import to run the combined model completely within Adams will also be discussed. Other topics presented in the course include an overview of all System Elements, including State Variables, Differential Equations, Linear State Equations, and General State Equations to develop models (e.g, control systems) supplemental to your mechanical model.


  • Adams/Controls terminology
  • Defining inputs/outputs for Adams models to tie to controls
  • Adams Interface elements provided by Adams/Controls for FMI, MATLAB, and Easy5
  • Function evaluation mode and co-simulation mode
  • Interactive and batch mode simulations
  • Using initialization commands
  • Control system examples with differential equations, transfer functions, linear state equations, and general state equations
  • Examples using Control System Import with Easy5 and MATLAB


A working knowledge of Adams as covered in ADM701


10.05.2023-11.05.2023 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden

21.11.2023-22.11.2023 Vastra Frolunda, Sweden              


2 Days  


€1250 + VAT      

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Hängpilsgatan 6, SE-426 77 Västra Frölunda, Sweden
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