ADM 710 - Flex Body Dynamics and Modal Stress Recovery using Adams


You will learn how to use Adams/Flex to incorporate flexibility into your Adams models. The course is primarily focused on using component modal synthesis via the Modal Neutral File (MNF) and Adams/View. Previous FEA experience is a plus, but not a requirement. You will be comfortable using Adams/Flex after taking this course             


  • Modal Flexibility: Theoretical background, combined rigid-flexible equations of motion
  • Importing a flexible body into a rigid-body model
  • Working with flexible body models in Adams/View (mode manager, connect flexible part to rigid parts, add forces/torques, use measures)
  • Adams/Solver dataset and Adams/View command language syntax
  • Using flexible body models with stand-alone Adams/Solver (edit .adm files, generate .mtx files, submit simulations)
  • Performing static, dynamic, and eigenvalue analyses
  • Exporting loads from Adams/View
  • Methods for optimizing MNFs
  • Comparing results of rigid and flexible models (plotting, animation)
  • Validating Adams/Flex results with FEM results and hand-calculations
  • Modeling considerations
  • Debugging
  • Modeling contact with a flexible body
  • Using a modal force (MFORCE) to define a pressure load
  • Publishing simulation results on the web (generate movies, table of eigenvalues, snapshot images, include model files)
  • Reviewing several application examples
  • Reviewing/Discussing methods for generating MNF from FEA packages
  • Introduction to Adams/ViewFlex


A working knowledge of Adams as covered in ADM701   





3 Days                 


€1875 + VAT

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