Adams Tire

Course Number:  ADMTire

Course Name: Adams Tire

Date:  December 6, 2023

Duration: 1 day

Costs:  € 640

Goal: You will get a detailed overview of the tire and road models that are integrated in Adams Tire. Emphasis is placed on explaining the parameters for tire models and reviewing the data.


  • Tire modeling for vehicle dynamics – Theoretical background
  • Important aspects of tire modeling
  • Overview of tire and road models in Adams/Tire
  • Comparison of the capabilities of the tire models
  • What tire model to use for what applications
  • Soft soil modeling
  • How to get the tire model parameters
  • The ‘standard’ methods for tire testing
  • Alternative methods for getting tire parameters
  • Using the tire models in Adams
  • Requirements for a successful statics calculation
  • Adams/Tire plug-in
  • Demonstration of Tire Data Fitting Tool, Tire Testing and Road Builder

Couse Language: English

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of Adams/View (ADM701) or Adams/Car (ADM740)

Location: Garching next Munich, Germany

Contact: Email: