Senior User Experience Consultant 1958

Hyderabad | HS&I | India

Dept Name : HS&I

Qualification : BE/ME/ Bachelors degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Cognitive Science, Psychology, Industrial Design, Computer Science, Statistical Sciences, Graphic Design, Communications, Marketing, or related field

Relevant Work Experience : 5 Years

No of Positions: 1


  • Working with users in the mobile and wearable application industries is a must.
  • Education or experience in usability testing and statistical analysis is also needed.
  • Domain knowledge in Public Safety &  Security and Utilities & Communication is preferred.
  • Strong skills in researching, analyzing user needs and their constraints, using statistical/data analysis techniques to quantify user experience issues and ideas.
  • Strong presentation skills. Planning, scheduling and coordination skills are a must for this role.
  • Candidates with additional skills in interaction design, and/or visual design will be preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to work effectively with customers, users and developers.
  • Should have good ability to interview people, good amount of empathy and generally high levels of EQ.
  • Should have good moderation and facilitation skills.

Job Description:

  • Full-time User Experience Researcher to support the understanding of the user environments, scenarios, workflows, and tasks.
  • The ideal candidate is someone with extensive experience of planning, setting up, executing and participating in user events such as ride-alongs, user interviews, contextual inquiries, usability testing and so on.
  • The job also requires interpretation of raw data and observations and converting those into insights that eventually can be used as inputs to enhance the overall user experience of the products.
  • Able to liaise with the business development and sales teams to enhance the overall customer experience of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure products.
  • Support the UX team in the development of user models, wireframes, and UI designs and ensure that those are shared with appropriate stakeholders to guide product design and development.
  • Analyze customer support requests to identify product improvement needs.
  • Organize and conduct usability testing, perform data analysis, and develop innovative methods to quantify the user experience.
  • Develop and maintain a library of research data that is easily accessible to the division  Facilitate ideation sessions and usability lab operations.