Completion and Turnover

Transfer of management responsibility to the customer

Solutions for the operate phase

Create a digital operational twin that enables full transparency of completed building components for owners and operators.

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As-built verification is a critical step in the completion and turnover phase of a building project. When a client evaluates a contractor’s performance, schedule and budget adherence is often secondary to delivering the project as designed. A detailed and comprehensive completion and turnover package can save the client an astounding €449 billion in operations costs over 10 years.  

Hexagon’s smart completion and turnover solution ensures that all systems and components of a building are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained according to the operational requirements of the client, enabling efficient handover of the project with better quality of information. 

Hexagon’s cloud-based solution provides project stakeholders with remote access to a living digital repository of important maintenance documents, including reports about building components, detailed handover instructions across all project vendors and automated work and turnover packages that enable a comprehensive and accurate transfer of all warranty and operational maintenance data to the building owner and maintenance team.

This single source of truth for building information that is collected, maintained and organised throughout the building lifecycle helps move through the building handover smoothly and efficiently, and becomes an irreplaceable and highly valuable tool for the owner and operations team moving forward. 

Sustainable and profitable
  • Overview
  • Remote asset management
  • Collaboration and management
  • Project performance monitoring
  • Reality capture

Capital project planning

Ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and can produce intended business value through our project controls solution. 

Digital reality solutions

Precise 3D replicas of the building include geotagged assets for efficient operations. 

Document management and other key processes facilitate project collaboration, portfolio management and project controls. 

Monitor and measure progress across the enterprise using integrated cost, scheduling, quality assurance and analytics tools. 

Create a digital twin for a complete project view

Create accurate 3D digital realities to enable virtual walkthroughs and remote asset management. 


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