Capital Project Planning

Create and manage multi-year capital plans for construction projects and portfolios.

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With Hexagon’s capital project planning solutions, integrate planning across the full lifecycle of projects. Make sure your projects and contracts get off on the right foot and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of creating project and contract plans.  


Want better project and contract planning?

Capital project planning is critical for AEC firms who manage a portfolio of projects. Industries like construction that have thin profit margins must develop strategic capital planning practices to maximise profitability. 

The challenge is that construction projects can take years from conception to client handover and have many stakeholders across different teams, locations and disciplines—making it difficult to achieve accurate and comprehensive financial records and reports across the project lifecycle.

Hexagon’s capital projects and portfolio management solutions enable project managers to take more financial and operational control of their building projects before, during and after construction. Our solutions simplify project budgeting and portfolio management of multi-year projects and portfolios, ensuring that short and long-term budgets and plans always align to building and project objectives.


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