How Apex Generative Design eases your daily engineering life

Effective strategies to get to optimised, lightweight part designs, and accelerate time to market using Generative Design

Apex Generative Design

When products get more complex and time-to-market decreases, engineers need to become more efficient in product design. One innovative technology to increase productivity is Generative Design: Through its highly automated design generation it can significantly help getting more efficient. It enables saving material, energy and costs with lightweight parts being optimally designed for their purpose. Organisations that have adapted this approach are shown to achieve significant innovation and business impacts. Deep dive together with us into these topics and see here what you can expect from this webinar:

  • We explore in more detail why Generative Design is a useful tool for engineers, especially when it comes to additive manufacturing.
  • Hexagon’s Generative Design expert also explains what the technology can deliver for the engineer’s daily work.
  • We briefly show ten ways where Generative Design can improve the business and which industries can benefit the most from its application.
  • The workflow within MSC Apex Generative Design is presented with a typical use case, so you can observe how an optimisation is done with the software.
  • Two customer case stories from different industries exhibit show what is possible with Generative Design and what can be achieved.
  • We introduce one of our newest features making Design for Additive Manufacturing much simpler and more cost-efficient: The automatic support reduction during the optimisation run.