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SupportModeler™ for PDS® can build your company's standards into flexible libraries of pipe support assemblies. Assembly libraries define the detailed graphics for 3D modeling, the rules for sizing and placement and everything needed to create automatic fabrication drawings for each support in a project. SupportModeler will accelerate modeling and detailing of both standard and engineered pipe supports. The software enables integration of the modeling of pipe hangers with the rest of the plant design.

CloudWorx PDS

CloudWorx PDS is the most efficient and popular plug-in software for using as-built point cloud data – captured by laser scanners – directly within PDS.

FrameWorks Plus

FrameWorks Plus is a 2D/3D engineering tool that allows you to build models with associated intelligence. FrameWorks Plus fully supports PDS.


FrameWorks Plus interfaces to other applications, including PDS. PDS is a comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design/engineering (CAD/CAE) application for plant design, construction, and operations.

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