What is HxGN Metrology Reporting?

The simple, intelligent, and accessible cloud-based software providing centralised reporting functionality.

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HxGN Metrology Reporting is a simple, intelligent and accessible cloud-based software designed to centralise reporting functionality, making it accessible for all users on one single, scalable platform. 

HxGN Metrology Reporting gives manufacturers access to real-time metrology information and insights, triggering an increase in productivity because of more rapid and better decision making. The HxGN Metrology Reporting software consolidates disparate reporting tools into one central location.  

This enables manufacturers to have confidence that all their data is flowing into one tool where their users are guaranteed access to the data they need, when they need it. In addition to the data itself, HxGN Metrology Reporting offers additional insights and data analysis, providing users with essential intelligence that could otherwise be missed. 

Created specifically to centralise customers’ reports onto one scalable platform, HxGN Metrology Reporting.  

is for businesses that want to improve stakeholder collaboration and take better, faster decisions based on data. As part of a wider manufacturing software ecosystem, HxGN Metrology Reporting integrates with on-premise software solutions like PC-DMIS and QUINDOS, as well as solutions on the SFx platform such as Manufacturing Asset Management
  • Features & benefits
    Real-time parts dashboard 
    View the status of the latest measured part, drill down for details on failures, and view your PC-DMIS or QUINDOS metrology reports from any device. 

    Measurement session history 

    Search an archive of historical dimensional data and metrology reports so that you can recall specific reports. 

    Modern interactive report 
    View and interact with your dimensional data in a modern and simple new report format to focus on what's most important. 

    Control checks and trend charts 
    Apply rules to keep an eye on your process and receive alerts when things get out of control. 

    Simplified collaboration 
    Share key reporting data with colleagues easily without the need to attach reports to an email. 

    Instant email and system notifications 
    Receive instant email and system notifications for subscribed events that occur on any measured part. 


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