PAS TuneWizard

PAS TuneWizard™

This free tool provides control loop tuning capabilities to improve process safety and efficiency.

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PAS TuneWizard is a companion application for PAS ControlWizard™ that adds depth and dimension to your control Loop management. PAS TuneWizard takes the guesswork out of tuning and reduces process instability while tuning your loops. PAS TuneWizard performs loop diagnostics and provides tuning recommendations based on your operations and industry best practices. When developing tuning parameters, PAS TuneWizard allows you to see the impact of your proposed tuning parameters against current settings before you make your changes so you can make data-driven and informed loop tuning changes.


Tune Loops without Guesswork

Test tuning constants and compare potential before and after states for loop changes so your loops are always tuned correctly.

Address Degradation

Control loops degrade over time and affect process performance. Easily tune-up your control loops to maintain optimal loop and process efficiency.

Data-driven Tuning

Take the guesswork out of tuning by automatically calculating optimal PID controller and filter settings.


  • Enhances process safety and lower operating costs

  • Decreases process variability for increased plant reliability

  • Improved preventative maintenance for optimal process operation

PAS TuneWizard

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