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A seamless measurement experience for quality professionals across multiple manufacturing applications

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OPTIV Scope is a vision measurement system that simplifies quality inspection for machine tool operators and quality professionals.

The system is ideal for inspecting high volumes of parts with similar geometries. With its ability to simultaneously measure multiple parts in seconds at the click of a button, OPTIV Scope eliminates the time-consuming process of manual part alignment before each measurement. 

With accuracy of up to ± 0.7 microns, the system provides reliable and repeatable measurement data independent of the operator.

OPTIV Scope is available in six models with various work volumes and camera resolutions, with a maximum field of view of 300 x 200 mm.

The system caters to a broad range of industries and diverse manufacturing applications. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool across sectors such as electronics, injection moulding, low-voltage electrical appliances, mobile phone accessories, printed circuit boards, medical equipment and many more.

OPTIV Scope combines efficiency, accuracy, precision and ease of use enabling businesses to save time and reduce the costs of quality inspection.

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